31 October 2008

Brian Randell gave out MSDN premium subscriptions at his pre conference talk about VSTS at PDC 2008

PDC 2008 has been a fabulous experience, and I have many impressions and a lot of information and bits to digest when I come home. As an extra surprise on the last day of the conference, I was the lucky winner of a MSDN premium subscription. Brian Randell gave out one subscription on Sunday during his pre conference talk, and I got a ticket for the other subscription during the week and won the big lottery today.

Thanks Brian.

25 October 2008

How I've pimped my Visual Studio

Gøran Hansen just tagged me and asks what I have added to a plain Visual Studio installation. Lars Wilhelmsen started by presenting his favorites, and I'm happy to share my setup also.

Visual Studio Team System isn't really an addon, but it adds a lot of great functionality to Visual Studio Professional. The most important features I use is source control, the testing framework, build system and code analysis, and the main benefit is that everything is integrated in Team Foundation Server. I haven't spent much time with Team System 2008, but I'm attending Brian Randell's pre-conference at PDC08 tomorrow and I expect I'll have a deeper understanding of the product tomorrow. I also hope to see more of Team System 2010 at PDC in the coming days, but until then Channel 9 has a lot of great videos of some of the new features.


Keyboard shortcuts (with Visual Studio keyboard mappings in ReSharper)

  • Alt+Enter: Drop down ReSharper's smart tag
  • Ctrl+.: Drop down Visual Studio's smart tag
  • Ctrl+Alt+Space: ReSharper's smart completion
  • Ctrl+Shirt+Enter: ReSharper's complete statement function
  • Ctrl+Shift+F: Find in Files

Other tools

  • .NET Reflector and ildasm: Tools for inspecting assemblies.
  • WiX: Powerful framework for generating setup files.
  • fuslogvw: Great tool for debugging assembly load errors.
  • Visual Studio Theme Generator. I ended up with just a slight modification of the standard Visual Studio Theme, but this tool allows you to quickly generate color schemes that matches your preferred primary colors.
  • Sandcastle: An alternative to DocumentX! that I use when generating help files whit long file paths due to long and nested namespaces.

I probably have forgotten a thing or two, because I've recently reinstalled my laptop and from my hotel room in Los Angeles I don't have access to my file server where I keep a copy of every thing I add on to Visual Studio.

01 October 2008

I met Steve Ballmer yesterday

At MSDN Live in Oslo on September 30 2008, I and the other chapter leads from NNUG got the opportunity to meet Microsoft's  CEO Steve Ballmer. Steve kicked off the event with an energetic keynote, and after his session me and my colleagues got a couple of minutes with him. I really enjoyed the presentations by Gøran Hansen, Anders Norås and Rune Zakariassen, but I think meeting Steve was the highlight of the day.

Thanks to Rune Grothaug and the rest of the DPE team in Norway for making this possible.