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I created this blog to share things that I think is cool and interesting

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This is my second post, and first of all I just want to say thank you for subscribing.

To give you an idea of what to expect, I currently think that the contents of this blog will be about .NET and related technologies. My goal is to write short and informative posts from my own experience, and I hope you’ll at least find some of them useful. I will try to avoid repeating information that can be found elsewhere, and instead focus on particular tips and tricks that I think is cool and interesting. I also want to share thoughts on other issues that is important to me, and this will hopefully make this blog more personal.

This is a test of embedding code on

  <Template uid="0fb9eda3-89fa-4507-84c9-8d8b6847e66f" shortcut="tm"  
    description="Creates an MS Test method"  
 text="\[TestMethod, TestCategory(&quot;$TestCategory$&quot;), Owner(&quot;$DomainAndUsername$&quot;)\]&#xD;&#xA;public void $Test\_method\_name$()&#xD;&#xA;{&#xD;&#xA; $END$&#xD;&#xA;}" reformat="True" shortenQualifiedReferences="True">  
      <CSharpContext context="TypeMember" minimumLanguageVersion="2.0" />  
      <Category name="MSTest" />  
      <Variable name="TestCategory"  
     expression="list(&quot;,Unit,Integration&quot;)" initialRange="0" />  
      <Variable name="DomainAndUsername"  
  initialRange="-1" />  
      <Variable name="Test\_method\_name"  
  initialRange="0" />  
    <CustomProperties />