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I had a talk at NNUG Trondheim tonight

·2 mins

At this evenings NNUG meeting in Trondheim, I gave a talk about JetBrains ReSharper and showed many of its great features. During my work on the presentation I discovered many things I didn’t know about ReSharper, and my main point in the presentation is that to get the best value out of ReSharper, you have to invest some time in learning the various features and their keyboard shortcuts. I therefore created a demo solution that shows most of the features of ReSharper and their respective shortcuts. The examples are grouped into classes based on each main topic in ReSharper’s help file, and can be used by anyone looking for a quick repetition of how to work with ReSharper. The solution doesn’t compile, but that is by design so I can show the code analysis functionality of ReSharper.

I also managed to cram in a brief demo of dotTrace Profiler by running profiling on ScrewTurn Wiki, but I didn’t have much time to discuss this product in any detail. The attendees did seem to like the presentation, and I hope they have a better idea of what ReSharper and dotTrace Profiler can do for them.

After the talk we did something different than usual, because instead of ordering pizza and have it brought to us, we went to a local pizza place nearby. My employer Acando sponsored this event, and we had a great time socializing and chatting in an informal setting.

I have uploaded the slides and demo code to the meeting page on, but for those of you that aren’t registered members you can download them from here also:

(in Norwegian)

(in Norwegian)

**Important:**The embedded links to SkyDrive isn’t working quite as expected, but if you click on the name of the file they should work. If you click elsewhere inside the embedded frames you should be redirected to SkyDrive, but if you for instance use the PDF Download Add-on to Firefox it will catch the link and think it’s a valid PDF file although it isn’t.

Disclosure: JetBrains will provide me with a ReSharper and dotTrace license after my talk at NNUG, but they are in no way influencing what I think of the products or what I share with you on this blog or in my presentation.