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Kevin Rose sold me a copy of Ratatat's new album

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I enjoy listening to good music, but lately I haven’t bought many new albums for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that I simply haven’t heard something new that I really liked for a long time. It was therefore very nice to check out Kevin Rose’s (from Digg and Diggnation) Muxtape compilation of Ratatat’s new album LP3, and I liked it immediately. Ratatat  is an electronic music duo, which reminds me of Röyksopp and a little bit of Air, and if you like those bands I recommend you check out Ratatat.

It appears someone don’t like this kind of marketing, because now Kevin’s compilation isn’t available any more from his Muxtape page at I, on the other side, got to listen to the album before it was taken down, and I ordered a copy of the CD. Kevin has a link to a downloadable MP3 version of the album from Amazon on his blog post, but I prefer to have a CD in my collection. If you’re interested, you can still get some samples of the Album from Amazon and on the bands MySpace page, so it is still possible to get a taste before you buy.