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ReSharper is smarter than Visual Studio

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As I blogged about previously, I’m working on a talk about ReSharper for NNUG in Trondheim, and today I noticed something that isn’t as important as the other features of ReSharper, but it demonstrates that in many respects ReSharper improves on the base functionality of Visual Studio.

We all know that the C# compiler can generate some useful warnings (which we of course correct immediately :)) , but it misses some obvious issues. In my example I have a method with a couple of unused variables:

Code Example
As you see ReSharper correctly identifies both var1 and var2 as unused by coloring them gray, but the C# compiler lists just var1 as being unused:

Disclosure: JetBrains will provide me with a ReSharper and dotTrace license after my talk at NNUG, but they are in no way influencing what I think of the products or what I share with you on this blog or in my presentation.