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How to update ReSharper 5 for Visual Studio 2010

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Now that the Early Access Program for ReSharper for Visual Studio 2010 has begun, I’m starting to feel comfortable working in VS2010 again. This is a very early build of the new ReSharper and there are some exceptions popping up here and there, but the overall experience is quite good.

One thing you need to now when trying out new builds is that ReSharper uses the new extension mechanism in VS2010. This mechanism allows for much faster installations and improved management, but currently you have to manually uninstall an existing version of ReSharper before installing a new build. You can do this through the Extension Manager window from the Tools menu:


I assume you can skip this step when VS2010 and ReSharper is RTM, because you can use the Extension Manager to search for updates to your installed extensions. You can even configure Extension Manager to automatically detect if updates are available.